Green Fashion

Fashion Can Be Green, Too

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With all of the talk of big industrial business seeking ways to become more sustainable, it might be easy to forget about something that we need every day, regardless of weather, occasion, or mood. That thing is fashion, or more broadly, the clothes we put on every day to complete all manner of tasks be it work, play, or simple relaxation.

It is no surprise that with renewable energy solutions and a more substantial emphasis on sustainability that designers are seeking, and finding, ways to do the same with their clothes. Recycled outfits, upcycling, and more are all solutions that have been employed over the years, and this trend shows little sign of slowing down.


With all of the resources that high fashion labels possess, it would be negligent of them to ignore the ability they have to take advantage of such resources and work out solutions to making their brands more sustainable.

Events such as Green Fashion Week has worked hard to promote this amongst the world’s most memorable brands. While there is still an idea of luxury about certain materials, this trend seems to finally be dying out and, not wanting their reputation ruined, high fashion brands are embracing the possibility of green solutions and seem to be looking towards even greener pastures for their designs and development.


When you are at home, you want to feel as comfortable as possible. You throw on baggy clothes, kick off your shoes and replace them with woolly socks, or wonderfully sustainable felt slippers and relax on the sofa.

You might consider this as doing absolutely nothing at all to help the environment, but you would be wrong. You can find lazy attire that is not only comfortable but also cruelty-free and good for the planet, also. While it may cost a little bit more than what you find on the high street, feeling assured that you are fighting the sweatshops in distant lands can be enough to warm your spirit as well as your toes.


While not necessarily a green solution to fashion and design, there are ways to encourage the idea of renewable solutions without having to disrupt the industry. It is nice to have brand new clothes every now and again, but taking advantage of vintage and second-hand shops is another way to efficiently reduce the amount of waste from clothes being thrown away.

Visiting these stores will not only give you the chance to find something entirely unique but also save landfills being infested with materials that take far too long to decompose. Furthermore, donating your old clothes to charities will aid others in finding suitable attire for all sorts of weather, so that you will be doing other people a favour, too.


Some people might associate recycled and old clothes with a certain level of style. However, more and more people are happily embracing the possibilities of green fashion, and it won’t be long before even the most stubborn of brands follow suit and help everyone find green products and look good doing it, too.