Organic Gardening

Go Green Today – Simple Tips for Organic Gardening

The words “going green” have become synonymous with organic gardening. If you are thinking of “going green” one of the ways to do so is to convert your yard or garden into an all natural state. This simply means you will substitute all natural ingredients, in lieu of man made chemicals, into your yard or garden for plant enhancement. You will find some tips in this article which will help you make the switch to “going green” or helping clean up our earth’s environment naturally.

It is important for you to understand, that no matter how small of a contribution you make to cleaning up our environment, you are helping yourself, your children and your children’s children. In other words you are leaving them a legacy of a world that is a little cleaner and healthier for them.

Now let’s get on with the tips for making “going green” and organic gardening a little easier for you.

One of the first things you can do is to stop using artificial chemicals to fertilize your yard or garden. You don’t have to worry about the grass, veggies, flowers or plants not growing. Today it is very easy to go to your local hardware store or garden center and pick up natural organic compost such as Fulvic Acids and amino acids, to supply all the nutrition to help your yard and garden look its best.

A great thing about using organic compost, to enhance your organic gardening, is you can actually make your own organic compost. Instead of throwing your table scrapes, old newspapers and other paper products into the garbage can, you can place them into a compost pile or compost container and let them break down into an all natural fertilizer. You can also speed up the decomposition by making sure you aerate (by turning over) and adding water to the compost pile.

The growth of your plants is not the only thing you will be concerned with when you stop using synthetic chemicals on your yard and garden. You still are going to have to kill the weeds which will try to overrun your plants and grass. The fastest way to combat these killers is to resort to the old fashion way of hoeing and pulling the weeds from the soil. However, thanks to technology and your local hardware store or garden center, it is possible to find organic weed killers such as a corn weed blocker. This weed blocker is made from corn gluten and is 100% all natural. Not only does it act as a weed killer, as it break downs, it will release nitrogen into your organic yard or garden.

In addition to the natural fertilizer and weed killer you are also going to need use a pest control. One of the natural pest controls is the smell of cedar or even the smell of garlic. These odors assault the pests, through the bug’s body resulting in flight or death.

In conclusion it is possible to “go green” in your yard and garden without having to use harsh chemicals. Your organic gardening, even though a bit more trouble will be worth the time and effort you put into it.