Go Paperless

Have you gone fully paperless yet?

If you are committed to helping to keep an eco-friendly environment then you have probably already gone down the paperless route. The world has seen such digital development in the last few years that we are able to do practically anything paper free. Don’t send letters, send an email. Don’t write a post-it note, write it in your Notes app. Don’t write cheques, do an online payment. These are the changes we have benefitted from progress in the digital world. Every task is much faster and you can even save money by opting to go paperless for things like utility bills.

An interesting article published by The Guardian suggests that most people will actually improve their finances through using online banking. Having everything in one place and having real-time updates are features that a paper statement cannot offer. If that isn’t enough of a reason to switch to paperless statements, then what else will inspire you to switch?

Banks have saved thousands on customers moving over to online statements and there really aren’t any excuses for not moving over. If you’re a technology phobe then it is time that you dragged yourself into the 21st century and start helping the planet by stopping the need for trees to be cut down.

It is not just your bills and bank statements that you can adopt paperless processes for, there are many ways of making changes to everyday life that will benefit the environment. If you’re somebody who loves to get up on a Sunday morning and read the newspaper then isn’t it time that you started going online for your news fix? As well as being a lot less messy (is there anything more annoying than getting newspaper print all over your hands?!), it will save you money and save the waste of many trees.

Time.com published an article (completely paperfree of course) on how to go completely paperless this year and offer a number of great ways to reduce paper use. In the article they suggest the following ideas:

  1. Batch-scan boxes of paperwork by mail
  2. Scan slips with your smartphone
  3. Digitize documents with your desktop
  4. Store PDFs of bills rather than paper versions
  5. Use PDF editing to prevent having to produce paper copies of documents

Another great enabler of doing tasks through a paperless method is mobile apps. They are both convenient and you can always take a look through the app charts to see if there is anything that you could find useful to help make your life easier.

If you’re a frequent traveller have you thought about using those handy apps to make travelling more environmentally friendly? Companies like Ridester.com offer car-pooling to keep your costs down and also save the world from all of that extra pollution.

If you’re not fully paperless yet then make 2017 the year that you take the plunge into the 21st century and help to keep our beautiful planet as sustainable as possible.