Sustainable Living

How sustainability courses benefit construction productivity

Construction is one of those industries where professional growth is impossible without taking the right courses. There are courses that can help you in case you would like to advance in your career and become even more productive. CITB (or Construction Industry Training Board) offers a wide range of courses that can help with all aspects of construction and professional development in the industry.

Some of the best courses that directly benefit construction productivity are categorized as sustainability CITB training courses. Let’s take a look at some of them and find out how they can help you.

  1. Cut the Carbon in Construction

This is a really great course that will help you to learn how to use building principles that are environmentally friendly in order to win new work and cut the costs. In the process, any small and medium enterprise will be able to learn how to reduce its environmental impact as well as its carbon footprint. Being a part of this workshop is very affordable and it will only take you half a day.

  1. Green Deal Awareness

The Green Deal Awareness workshop is perfect for small and medium contractors who would like to understand how the Green Deal works and what it involves. It will also cover sustainable construction basics and you will be able to find out how to qualify for the Green Deal. This workshop will also take you half a day.

  1. Solar Panel Installation

This course is perfect for those who have experience with roofing, but want to learn how to properly handle and install solar panels. This course will give you the knowledge to install various types of panels to pitched roofs. You will also learn the technical data, specifications and fixing positions. This course will take you only one day to complete.

  1. Informed Construction

A safer and more informed construction area is a better construction site. Like any sort of training, once of quality and worthwhile, it benefits in terms of safety, productivity, insurance costs and a whole lot more. Sustainability courses are at the core of this and so are very beneficial = click here to see more info.


  1. Low Carbon Retrofit

This is a very useful course. You will learn how to offer your clients various carbon-reducing cost-effective improvements. You will learn some of the most effective techniques for carbon reduction among other things. The course is perfect for people who specialize in domestic refurbishment and it takes one day.

This is just a small part of all the sustainability CITB training courses that you can take advantage of. Most of them are really affordable and will only take you a day or less to complete. Despite their affordability and short duration, these courses will provide you with invaluable knowledge that will help you to become more productive and make a serious progress in the construction industry.