The Dream Of Living Green

How Sustainable Living Can Greatly Improve Your Quality of Life

The sustainable living movement has been gathering increasing momentum in recent years. Home owners are becoming increasingly aware of the impact they have on the world around them and becoming ever more conscious of the ways, both big and small, in which they can reduce their impact on the environment.

Sustainable living doesn’t just relate to the homes we live in – the same concepts can also be applied to the way we consume water, the choices we make in the way we travel around our cities or around the world, and in the food we eat. Making the right, sustainable choices, can also make you happier by significantly improving the quality of your life.

More time for you

Some aspects of sustainable living are more obvious than others. Getting a more natural sleep schedule so that you wake when it gets light and think about going to bed when it gets dark will not only ensure you are always fully rested, but will also lessen your reliance on unsustainable power sources. Similarly, by spending more time reading and playing traditional games, you can reduce your levels of stress as well as the amount of energy required to power modern electronic devices.

Control your pests

If you are doing your best to live a sustainable life, you want to ensure that pests don’t make their way into your food supply as this will lead to excess wastage. Ensure all food and trash in your home are stored in contains that rats cannot eat their way through.

Don’t leave food leftovers on the floor or on the table as this could attract rats along with mice and other pests. You’ll also want to keep your home as clean as possible by sweeping up and vacuuming the floor, especially in areas where food is prepared, as often as possible. In addition to going after food sources, rats can cause structural damage to buildings, especially those made of sustainable materials.

Eco-friendly deterrent solution include peppermint but if you have a serious infestation, you may need the help of a firm of professionals, such as Cheltenham Pest Control. They can deal with the issue in a way that ensures you rat problem is dealt with completely and not just partially.

Sustainable savings

A combination of being energy efficient and utilizing sustainable sources of energy can lead to big savings across the board. If you switch all your appliances to those that are Energy Start rated, your electricity bills will fall by around a third over the lifetime of each item. You can save even more by replacing your regular light bulbs with energy efficient ones – often as much as 80 percent of the original cost each year.

There are other small changes you can make that will also save energy and leave you with more money in the bank at the end of the year. Keeping your tires properly inflated will cut your fuel costs as will reducing the temperature at which you wash clothes. The money you save can all go towards additional leisure activities and improvements to the overall quality of your life.