Ford F 150

How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle as the Proud Owner of that New F-150

Every year there seems to be more and more concern about the amount of natural resources we are consuming and there is a growing debate on whether or not those resources will be depleted within the next 50 years. Oil is a huge issue and one which many people are now taking more seriously. You may want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but you don’t want to give up that new F-150 which is anything but fuel efficient.

In terms of trucks, it may get good mileage, but you need to look at getting better mileage overall. When you figure that Ford Motors says that the F-150 series only gets roughly 17 to 21 miles per gallon while the Ford Fiesta averages 31 miles per gallon combined city and open road driving, you’ll see that your beautiful new truck doesn’t fit a sustainable lifestyle. So how can you manage a balancing act so that you can still sport your beloved truck? Here are a few thoughts on the subject.

Can You Afford the Best of Both Worlds?

What many truckers do is use their F-150 mostly when necessary or when bringing it out on an occasional ride around town. Why would you invest in such a beauty only to leave it sitting there for fear of using too much fuel? These truckers keep a second car, a family car, to drive around town or back and forth to work.

The F-150 is used for hunting, fishing and hauling trips and, as mentioned, on those occasions when you just want to show her off a bit. Can you afford to keep both a fuel-efficient car like the Fiesta as well as that amazing F-150? If so, you can stake a claim to living a sustainable lifestyle.

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Performance

If you check out sites like, you can get lots of tips and tricks for keeping your truck in optimal condition. The smoother she rides, the lower your fuel consumption will be. If you cut back on usage and keep your truck in factory condition, purring like a kitten, you will find that you can safely be amongst the eco-friendly vehicle owners.

Also, there is a difference between manual and automatic transmissions so you might want to calculate the difference there as well. Does a manual transmission really use less fuel than an automatic tranny? If so, go manual all the way!

Pairing with a Hybrid Family Vehicle

Finally, if you were to pair your F-150 with a fuel efficient hybrid like the 2018 Ford C-MAX Hybrid FWD that averages 41 miles per gallon in combined city/open road operation, you’ll be even more conservative. Perhaps the best way to calculate how to reduce your fuel usage by at least 50 percent would be to add up all the miles you’ve driven in both vehicles along with the total gallons you have used, and then divide by two, you’d have a rough estimate of how many miles you average per gallon.

This is the figure you need when measuring fuel consumption. The math isn’t as difficult as leaving that beautiful baby in the garage from time to time, but in the end, you can say you are truly doing your part toward a sustainable lifestyle – and that’s what really counts.