How to Recycle Your Unwanted Gifts

How to Recycle Your Unwanted Gifts

We have all had to force a smile when receiving a present we didn’t like, knowing we will never use the gift. Yet, you shouldn’t store the gift away at the back of the closet and forget about it. We are going to show you how to recycle your unwanted gifts.

Ask for a Refund

If you receive an unwanted Christmas present, and you know where a loved one bought the item, take yourself along to the store to ask for a refund. Most stores are quite flexible with refunds and exchanges during the holiday period, as they understand not all customers will buy the right presents for their loved ones.

You might even have a kind family member or friend who slipped the gift receipt in with the present, which will make it easier to receive a refund. A proof of purchase will also allow you to receive the full value of the sold item and not the sale price. Try to keep all presents in their original packaging. For instance, electronics should not be removed from their packaging.

Exchange Your Gift Cards for Cash

Many people believe they have no choice but to use or lose their gift cards, even if they don’t need to buy an item in store. Yet, it is possible to sell the gift cards for cash with the help of EJ Gift Cards. You can make use of the card without having to spend them in store, as you can exchange the value of the gift card for a cash amount.

Give the Gift to Charity

Your loved one might not have given you a warm feeling inside with their gift, but you can guarantee you will feel just that when you donate the item to charity. Most charities will be happy to accept new or used items in good condition. This will ensure the item goes to a good home, and it will also help to declutter your space. It’s a win-win.

Sell the Items Online

Why store or throw away your unwanted presents when you can sell them online? Your loved one wouldn’t want you to keep a present you don’t like, so don’t feel guilty about selling it online. Follow in the footsteps of the 100,000 people who reportedly put their unwanted presents up for sale on eBay. View the process as rehoming the unwanted item to a more loving owner, which can also help you to boost your bank balance.

Re-gift the Item

You might not have fallen in love with the present, but you probably know someone else who would. Save yourself some money on a friend or family member’s birthday and re-gift the item. Not only will this stop you from spending money, but it will allow you to declutter your home while ensuring the present goes to someone who will appreciate the gift.

Don’t waste a loved one’s money by allowing the present to go to waste. Follow one of our top tips above to recycle an unwanted gift effectively.