Online Learning

Online Tutoring – The Greener Way to Learn and Teach  

Online learning is ECO friendly. A person can live anywhere in the world and take a course without having to use transport. They can study whenever they want, anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for someone with a skill to share, or for someone wanting to learn.

Online learning companies like My Tutor Web are the ultimate sustainable business, and regardless of whether or not caring about the environment is your thing, you are contributing to a greener world by using online learning companies.

So how is online learning ECO friendly?

Being green starts right where you live. From the rubbish you throw in the bin, to the amount of water you use when you wash. All of these factors contribute to your own personal carbon footprint. Petrol and diesel are products that are always being spoken about in relation to the environment. With daily trips to and from work or school on the bus or in the car, it has become rather apparent that it seems better both financially and environmentally, to stay at home.

Learn Online 

If you are considering learning or teaching, there are some very green ways of doing it. With the most obvious option being online learning. There are lots of ‘green’ benefits to learning online, with the first benefit being your fuel consumption as, there is none. The toxic emissions spent from the amount of time you spend in traffic have a horrific impact on the environment and the emissions are even bigger when it’s just you using the car.

When you learn online, traffic issues are gone, fuel consumption issues are gone and you’re not contributing to even more environmental impact because your place of learning does not require energy to light it, heat it, cool it and maintain it.

Online learning is a lot less carbon-intensive than classroom based learning.

It’s also a lot more convenient overall which a big bonus is definitely. Did you know that just one university can use over 119 million kWh over five years? That’s roughly the same toxic carbon output as over 10 thousand houses in just one year.


Most universities carbon output continues to rise year on year as the buildings increase in size, more students attend the university, peoples lifestyles change over time and students adapt to new technology.

Being an online student could reduce your own personal carbon emissions from over 80KG to just 2KG. So although you will use some energy using your own home computer and the internet, you’re still saving well over 85 percent of carbon emissions in the lack of transport and university energy because you’re staying at home.

Learning doesn’t have to mean attending school or university. Each person is busier than ever these days and most people struggle to fit in the time to go to and from university. And apart from actually attending, learning online means that your school or university doesn’t have to provide and maintain halls of residence, study areas, computer suites, classrooms and various other facilities.

Learning and Building for the Future

All of this means carbon emissions are lower for any online learning facility than an actual building for learning, because the building created for learning does not need exist at all. Resource waste is completely eliminated before it has even been created so it’s in no way an issue with online learning. Lots of physical learning facilities like schools and universities are looking towards resource waste reduction in order to reduce their carbon emissions.

Lots of schools and universities are on board with online learning, because they recognise its positive contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions. The students save on fuel, they can speak to other students online and support is only a click away. Students don’t have to move from their seat to study, they can simply schedule the best time for them to learn at home.

You can be ECO friendly and learn a new skill at the same time. Being ‘green’ doesn’t just mean recycling or buying ECO friendly products any more, it means getting on board with a sustainable and earth friendly way of learning which will save you time, effort, money and carbon emissions.