Reducing Your Living Space To Shrink Your Energy Bills The Smart Way

Those who have a far-reaching eco-conscience often think it is ridiculous for a couple or a person living alone to rattle about in a huge house. It might a fortune to heat throughout the winter months. We are all aware that consuming so much energy is bad for the planet. Natural resources are finite, and though we find new ways to harvest what nature gave us, they will eventually run out.

There are others who face a crisis in their lives. It could be that they lost their job and have to find ways to economise now that money is in short supply. One option is to reduce your living space. It isn’t as silly as you might think at first. How many rooms are there in your big old house that you do not use? Maybe you are a couple with no children but are lucky enough to possess a five-bedroom house. Even if it is only temporary, you can save money by living in only one or two rooms. Here is how to go about it.

Think about your needs. Most people need a place to cook, a place to relax, and a bathroom. You can get by without the other rooms if you have to. I suggest you close them off for the time being and create a cosy space where you can keep warm for little cost.

Visit each room that you are not going to use and turn off the radiator in there. If the windows feature nets, close the curtains. People will not be able to see from the outside. Close the door to the room and place a sausage style draught excluder at the bottom of it.

When you have isolated all the rooms that you do not intend to use for a while, concentrate on the area where you will spend much of your time. Ideally, the building will feature double glazing. If it doesn’t, you can apply some heat shrink window film to the frame. It acts as a cheap form of secondary glazing and helps to prevent heat loss and condensation. Fit some thick curtains too; all of these things help you to keep the heat in without the need to run the central heating continually. You will rely on the heat from the fireplace and cooker to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level. There are plenty of books about green living that will give you further advice

You will probably sleep in the living room, so swap your old settee for one of the incredible sofa beds on the market. The mechanisms are ingenious, and they are comfortable to sit and sleep on.

You may consider this course of action to be unlikely, but who knows what the future holds for us all. There might be a harsh winter around the corner that will cause the power to fail for a prolonged period. Such an event happened only a couple of years ago and people had to take steps such as these to survive. If you have a young family, they will enjoy sleeping downstairs for a few days. They would look upon it as an exciting adventure. Knowing how to live this way will prepare you for many emergencies that could crop up at any time.

Image Credit: Miss Efficiency