The Greener Way to Get Around

The Greener Way to Get Around: Eco-Friendly Transport

You have been given the unenviable task of saving the planet — fear not, you don’t have to have Superman-like powers to complete it. You don’t need to have brute strength of the ability to fly because your mere mortal skills are more than enough to see you execute the task that you are being asked to perform, that task being to go green. More to the point, your job is to embrace eco-friendlier forms of transport. If you wish to accept it, check out how to do it to the best of your abilities below.

Get an electric car

By trading in a car that guzzles fuel for one that runs on electricity, you will do the best thing that you can possibly do when it comes to embracing eco-friendly transport — when you source this electricity yourself through solar energy, you make this course of action even better. To find out what questions you should ask yourself before you buy an electric car, click here.

Switch to two wheels

Something else that you can do to cut your emission expenditure right down is to ditch your car entirely and to switch to two-wheeled vehicles. When you switch to a motorbike, you instantly cut your fuel usage right down simply because they use less of it than their four-wheeled counterparts do — of course, cycling is best of all, and embracing that mode of transport will keep you healthy, too.

Drive better

You don’t just have to get yourself a new vehicle to get around greener; you can instead just drive your existing car in a way that saves energy. Of course, the more eco-friendly a car comes, the safer it will be in regards to the environment, but simply resolving to drive in a more environmentally conscious way will still see you do your bit.

To drive better in this way, you have to drive smoothly and make sure gear changes are as fluid as can be, you need to avoid excessive amounts of acceleration, and you need to cease with all the braking. Avoid going too fast, as breaking and acceleration uses more fuel. 

Eco-friendly wheelchair options

If you, for whatever reason, find yourself using a wheelchair over a period of time, then an electric wheelchair would be more suited compared to getting a taxi or bus to appointments, and so on. By sorting your own form of transport, it will mean that you are not dependent on other modes of transport that will burn more fuel. If one of your concerns about sorting your own electric wheelchair is comfort, this needn’t be a concern, as there are plenty of comfortable wheelchair cushions and soft wheelchair pads out there for you to invest in that’ll see you retain your comfort on your travels. Wheelchair cushions can make all the difference in terms of the comfort of your ride.

As a human being living in the 21st century, whether you like it or not, you’ve taken on the task of trying to save the earth. When you begin embracing your role, start by taking the advice above and try to make the way you get around far greener.