People to Thank for Sustainable Off-Grid Living

These Are the People to Thank for Sustainable Off-Grid Living

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of what our blatant pillaging has done to the environment. We are still using fossil fuels to produce electricity when there are better ways like solar and wind power to provide renewable power without dipping into the few reserves the earth has left. Because of this, more and more people are moving outwards to rural locations in an effort to live a sustainable lifestyle off-grid. They go green in more ways than one!

However, did you ever stop to think about all the people you should be thanking for making a sustainable off-grid lifestyle possible? They are often in the background so they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Let’s meet a few of those people right now.

First Responders

One of the aspects of off-grid living which many people fail to realize before moving out to rural locations is the sheer remoteness of where they will be living. You can’t simply call 911 and expect an ambulance to be there in a matter of minutes. Some regions are so remote it would take an hour or more to reach. In the event of a serious accident or a life-threatening issue such as a heart attack, you would require immediate medical attention. First responders can be there in minutes if the county or state police have helicopter air patrol, and they normally do.

Flight Paramedics

Flight paramedics on helicopters can be there very quickly and have literally saved tens of thousands of lives in rural regions of the nation. You might even be inspired to become a flight paramedic yourself. This profession does pay a better-than-average salary, which you can check out on While you’re at it, take the time to thank your local flight paramedics. You never know when you might see them!

Volunteer Fire Departments

Every volunteer fire department does have paid professional firefighters on staff, but most often, any who respond to a rural, off-grid fire will be members of your ‘community.’ These men and women understand the dangers of living off-grid and so will do their part in keeping the region safe. Even though their homes are just as susceptible as yours, they don’t need to volunteer. They could leave it up to others, yet don’t.

State and County Police

Don’t think that just because you are living a sustainable off-grid lifestyle far from the maddening crowds, you will never have a need to call the cops. No, you won’t get the rapid response you would in a city, but those officers work remote regions knowing full well the dangers they face. Keep in mind that if the need arises to call in backup, they will be going it alone long before backup arrives. Police helicopters can get them there rapidly, but there is danger in that as well.

From water service delivery in regions where underground water is not available to garbage collectors working the back roads, there are people who work in the background making it possible for you to live a sustainable (green!) off-grid lifestyle. The next time you meet up with one of these people, take a moment to thank them for what they do. Without them, where would you be but alone in the most literal sense of the word?