Tips to lower your carbon footprint when traveling

Tips to lower your carbon footprint when traveling

No matter the industry that you work in, travel is an essential part of business development. Whether you have to meet new clients, attend a meeting or even commute a large distance to the office, you are already having an impact on global warming without even realizing. However, times are changing when it comes to making conscious and eco-friendly travel choices. Now there are a range of firms and companies that are switching on to greener alternatives, providing carbon footprint-friendly options that won’t break the bank. By making a few key changes you can seriously reduce your carbon footprint while on the go. Read on, to find out how to make an impact for the better.


Yes you might religiously recycle at home, but do you make sure you do this while on the go? It’s all too easy to throw paper cups and cartons into the regular trash bin instead of disposing of your waste in a more responsible manner. So if you buy your daily cup of coffee and newspaper while traveling to work, be sure that you choose to recycle the packaging when you are done. Another top tip to save time and effort is to use a thermos or keep-cup to bring your own hot drink. Not only will this save the amount of dollars you spend, but you can also enjoy your drink, while feeling happy that you have made a greener decision as to how you consume goods.

Car share

A car pool or car share is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling. Not only is this the ideal way to meet new people, you can also use your time on the road to exchange any new business ideas or tips that you might have too. Plus, car sharing is a great means to save on escalating fuel costs, while reducing your overall annual emissions. Why stop there? You could even become a total eco warrior and replace your vehicle with a greener alternative. If you are looking to upgrade your company van or vehicle, then why not consider an electric or hybrid option. New vehicles with their innovative technologies are far more environmentally friendly than their older counterparts, Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles provide alternatives to meet your budget and your needs.

Choose a green travel package

Travel operators the world over are waking up to the importance of green, sustainable destinations and hotels. As a result, it’s even easier to choose a green destination, that won’t break the bank either. Hotels now offer in terms of green alternatives. From tourism packages that give back to the local community, to ensuring that all admin is completed on recycled paper, the influence of green tourism is becomingly increasingly evident. So if you are looking to book a vacation that will both amaze your family, and give your conscience a boost, then green travel is the way to do so.

Across the world, individuals and businesses are beginning to understand the importance of eco-friendly travel. So if you are looking to make a change then now’s the time to do so. From choosing to car share to making sure that you stay in an eco-friendly resort, make a difference today.