What Does Sustainability Mean in 2014

What Does Sustainability Mean In 2014

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People often talk about sustainability. It seems that the word has become meaningless over the years. It is a buzzword. People use it rather than explaining what they mean. Sustainability sounds good when politicians talk about the advancements in sustainable energy. It sounds good as a company slogan, when people plaster it across their branding. When people use the word so much, it loses its meaning; even to them. When people say the word sustainability, they often forget what the word means to them. It is a cultural problem. In the same way, we forget where meat comes from once the butcher has put it into sterile packaging. We also forget what words mean when we use them to signify a deeper, underlying issue.

Sustainability is more than just a word; it’s our way out. We’ve spent years destroying our natural environment, and it is time to act fast if we want to do anything to save it. It has become all too easy for people to ignore the problem. Many people bury their head in the sand and try to ignore the major global issues. Doing so means that few people are ready to tackle the problem. So long as there is a good TV show on to distract people, they don’t need to waste their time worrying about the environment.

Why do we need sustainable energy?

Over a matter of years, since the industrial revolution, we have begun to chip away at the earth’s natural resources. The problem is that the natural resources are not a never-ending supply. In fact, the resources are fast running out. Many of the things that we take for granted, such as electricity and fuel, come from natural resources. Yes, the planet has a supply of natural materials, but that doesn’t mean that we should begin to waste that supply.

We now have to face a huge dilemma. Our society needs energy to survive. Without energy, many of the major businesses in the world would not exist. People couldn’t work or wash or entertain themselves. It is shocking, the level at which mankind has become reliant on energy, and we need to do something fast. A world without energy would mean the end of modern society as we know it. It is out of the question to imagine that our society could exist without the energy we use on a daily basis. Our only option, then, is to begin looking for sustainable energy that we can use as our main resource.

What is sustainable energy?

The umbrella term “sustainable energy” covers a wide variety of energy sources. Sustainability doesn’t just apply to energy, but calls for a social change. The Leap describes it as “systems in nature or society which ensure the endurance of life processes.” In simple terms, that means that sustainability is a system that will help ensure that the planet has a future. As it currently stands, the earth is dying. We are draining the earth’s resources. That may not matter in our lifetime, but in our children’s lifetime and their children’s lifetime, it will. That means that we are leaving nothing to pass on to our children. Bringing children into a world that has an expiry date, means that we are creating a hellish environment for our future family.

Sustainability means that we begin to counter the damage we have done to the planet. Planting new trees where we have cut down forests and replacing some of the natural resources goes a small way to helping the future. There is still much more that we can do by way of helping the planet. Small steps could mean the future of the earth, and that means that we are making a positive impact on the environment. It is time to stop ignoring the issues that are before us each day. If every society begins to work together towards change, we can ensure that the world we live in continues to exist.

Creating a future for our planet should be our sole responsibility. It is astounding how many intelligent people choose to ignore the greater issues of our planet. Diving into pointless endeavors and distracting themselves, these people are aware of the problem. We all need to take action together towards a positive future.

What can we do in 2014?

The first step in taking any action in this situation is to change your mindset. As with any slow process, the first step is accepting that you have a responsibility to change. You, the individual, must accept that it is your job to do something about the state of the earth. You should not sit around waiting for a time when someone else solves the global issues. You should be out there campaigning for change. Once you have accepted your role in the process, you can begin to move forward.

On a personal level, there are many changes you can make within your home that will help the cause. We use far too much energy in the world. We use more energy than we could ever need. You can make changes, such as switching to energy efficient light bulbs; that will help to save energy on a global scale. If everybody began to make these changes, we would start to save energy immediately. Ensuring that your home is energy efficient won’t solve the wider issue, but will help as a short term solution.

In the long term, it is about getting the message out there in the public domain. When people start to accept that they have a role to play, they will put more pressure on big companies to change. Doing so will mean that the companies seek out renewable energy sources and change for the better. When society changes its set of morals and values, we can begin to work together towards a more positive future. The best way to spread the message is by using social media and campaigning. By getting the message out there, you can begin to open people’s eyes to the situation.