Why Working from Home Is Good for the Environment

Why Working from Home Is Good for the Environment

Even just a decade ago, telecommuting (working from home) was a novelty that few professionals could hope to do. However, in late 2008 through early 2009, the bottom dropped out of the economy causing many white collar workers to hit the unemployment lines. Companies went bankrupt, others had to radically downsize, and others simply froze hiring.

In today’s economy, working from home has become quite commonplace and, as a result, many market analysts are realizing that there are actually ‘side benefits’ to telecommuting. Whether you are your own boss or working for a firm but from the convenience of home, you will find that there are several ways in which working from home is actually good for the environment.

The Types of Jobs Best Suited for Home Workers

First, it is probably important to discuss the kinds of jobs you can do from home. Obviously, if you are a line foreman or a manager of some sort, you would need to be on the floor with those under you. However, if you are in almost any aspect of computer technology, much of what you do can be done from home. If you are considering finding a job which you can handle from home, check out technology jobs on jobdescriptions.net. Here is where you’ll get ideas as to the types of careers you can work in a non-traditional setting.

Benefits to the Environment

The obvious benefit is going to be the reduction in fuel you would use when commuting to and from work. However, that one benefit alone brings with it a wealth of good. For example, we know that the earth’s supply of fossil fuels is limited and at some point, in our future, we will run dry. But what about carbon emissions? By working from home, you are not putting as great a dent in the remaining fuel we have left and you are not burning as much of that fuel, which automatically reduces greenhouse gases.

Along those same lines, when working from home it is possible to cut down the amount of space being used for business purposes. This frees up more area for living space and also cuts down on the use of energy for heating and cooling large areas. Even when tallied, scientists agree that it consumes less fuel to keep ten people comfortable at home than it does to heat or cool a space large enough to accommodate those same ten workers.

A Benefit to Everyone Involved

Not only can you see a positive impact on sustainability when working from home, but employers who allow for telecommuting spend much less in overheads. You can cut back on expenses other than fuel because you can cook and eat at home, which is obviously cheaper than eating lunch out every day. You can save a ton of money by working from home while you are doing something to benefit this small planet we call home. Perhaps you’ve been looking for at-home employment out of convenience, but when those benefits are added to the equation, a home-based job is all the more attractive.